Jiffy - Gift a new dash of life to your phones instantly

The relationship that we have with our smartphones are inseparable. From scrolling down the social media to paying bills, there isn't a single thing that the smartphones aren't capable of. There's no doubt that the majority of us are right now hanging around with our heads submerged in the screens of the smartphones. Life without smartphones is like being thrown back to the monolithic age.

But we are all susceptible to mishaps. Like having a long tour the next day and waking up to a dysfunctional charger that leaves your phone battery almost clinging on to one digit charge life. You could as well accidentally exhaust all your battery life while being stuck in an unknown place with just the Google maps to hold on for support. There could be a plethora of reasons as to why you could have the goddess of misfortune cross you at the most inconvenient of times. And talking of it personally, no good trips come exclusive of photos and videos, and limiting the fun of capturing to sustain one's battery life surely does sabotage the fun.

Well, the solution? Renting a jiffy power bank that charges and recharges your phone in a jiffy. India's most trusted power bank rental has all in the set for you. Now for starters, the most frequented questions are why rent when you can simply buy? The reasons shall surely give you enough thoughts that would want you to rent than buy.

Take a deep breath and relax:

We all are busy as a bee when it comes to our everyday hectic schedule. There are rush and roll so much so that people often forget to put the chargers properly into their phones. And now talking about power banks there's a very good chance of finding out on the day of the trip that it was left uncharged and there goes your good day to the worst start. But with pre-charged power banks that ensure you unlimited battery life, all you have to do is sit, relax and charge on the go.

Money at the right place:

Once you buy the best power bank possible, you believe your struggle is over. We wish we could say the same but it's just the beginning. Though you invested in the best available power bank, there's a good chance that you misplace it, lend it, and forget to take it back and end up forgetting who you lent it out to and the list of possible troubles go on. But while you decide to rent them in a jiffy, you save money and get the best possible service wherever and whenever you want it.

Ease of accessibility:

Jiffy lets you get access to their life-saving portable power banks via rental stations that are the closest to you via an app. The system is automated and hence it abolishes the need for someone having to deliver you the power bank physically. Moreover, all you have to do is scan the QR code, download the app, give away some basic essential data, deposit a sum of money, and enjoy charging on the go. Also, there's a refund once the power bank is returned. So get the best services for your money while you work it out in a jiffy.


Definity (Bootstrap)

Definity (Bootstrap)

Definity is a single and multi-page template that can be adapted for different purposes. It was developed by Ocarine Themes.
It operates on Bootstrap 3 and it is outfitted with features like hover effects, parallax scrolling and video backgrounds.
It also has a modular design that enables the developer to move sections of the page around to a preferred position or angle.
Its latest update can be purchased for $30 and it comes with five new layouts and three additional templates.

Enfold (Wordpress)

This program runs on WordPress and it was designed to be very user-friendly.
Enfold is well suited for designing business websites and online stores, although the latter will have to be done with the aid of WooCommerce.
It features a drag and drop template customizer that comes in handy when you want to custom-build your own layout.

You can purchase the full package $60 and it comes with a gift cad for future updates, and also six month’s support.

Porto (HTML 5)

The Porto program is equipped with a wide range of homepage styles. It also has a considerable number of header layouts and you can readily use it to customize your website on the go with a multi purpose style switcher.
It is a very flexible program and it has versions compatible with Drupal, Magento and WordPress.
There is also an Admin version that allows you to effectively manage your website with a wide range of widgets and charts. All these functions are coordinated by a swish dashboard.










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