Sharjah Investment and Development Authority

Sharjah Investment Center (SIC), a new 32 million square foot mixed-use industrial development in Sharjah, has sold 80 percent of the plots in its first two development phases to-date, according to Saudi property developer SNASCO. The project, which is a joint venture between SNASCO and UAE investors, has sold 350 plots out of the 15 million sq. ft. area allocated for the first two phases, with 280 plots having been handed over to investors so far.

The AED 2 billion (US$ 544m) development is strategically located in Al Arqoub near the E 611 road that connects the northern emirates. It is 15 minutes from Sharjah International Airport and 15 minutes to Hamriyah Free Zone.

SIC currently offers an office park, industrial park and staff housing. Phase three of the development is currently in the planning stage and, according to SNASCO, initial government approval has been received to build a gated residential community.

Road infrastructure, electrical, water, sewage and drainage works for Sharjah Investment Center were carried out by main infrastructure contractor Darwish Engineering Emirates. The area’s power grid currently includes four 33kv distribution substations and 121 11kv substations which supply the 488 developed plots in the industrial area.

Sharjah Investment Center has recently awarded a AED 126.5 million (US$ 34.7m) contract to Scan Electromechanical Contracting Company for the installation and commissioning of a Siemens 132kv power substation, to completed by the end of 2017. The plant will be connected to Al Hamriyah Power Station and will have the capacity to provide 180 MW to the Sharjah Investment Center.


Jiffy - Gift a new dash of life to your phones instantly

The relationship that we have with our smartphones are inseparable. From scrolling down the social media to paying bills, there isn't a single thing that the smartphones aren't capable of. There's no doubt that the majority of us are right now hanging around with our heads submerged in the screens of the smartphones. Life without smartphones is like being thrown back to the monolithic age.

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TutuApp Alternatives - -vShare App Store

If you haven’t then we have come up with an article to help to out with you. Tutuapp with pokemon go hack can be installed on both Android and Apple devices. Tutuapp helps the users to search, download and install applications that are no available on Google Play Stores and Apple App

Tutuapp is basically a third party app which has in store tons of apps. These apps are available for usage on iOS and Android software. Instead of over loading and breaching rules to install apps, users can install apps from their mobile phones.

 Like AppValley and TweakBox, Tutuapp also hosts apps that are modified or tweaked according to the preferences of the users. Most of the applications offered by Tutuapp are just the free versions of the apps that users are generally paying for.

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Unique Features Of The Smartwatches Makes It Extremely Popular

Smartwatches are a great innovation of this century. These cannot be regarded just like watches, but they are pretty more than that. The only thing that makes it just like a watch is that it is worn on the wrist, everything else is just mind-blowing. Now all the big companies which are famous for their gadgets have come up with their smartwatch which is having features that are unbelievable and iOS smart watches are more reliable. They provide many features that a mobile phone provides.

What basically is a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is an electronic gadget that offers a range of apps and features that you can use in your daily life. The smartwatches are beautifully designed in order to give them a cool and beautiful look. With smartwatches having features like Bluetooth, one can do a lot of things while wearing a watch such as listening to music, answering calls, listen to news reports and much more, they have become the favorites among all the gadgets. The portable gadget has many advantages over other gadgets. It is somewhat the easiest to handle and also easiest to use. Different types of smartwatches are available online which have a different purpose.

What makes these watches smart?

There are numerous features that make these watches smart:

How do you buy the best smartwatches?

The best place for you to search for smartwatches is no doubt online. Smartwatches of the top brands are available online which have different features. You can compare the features and prices of these smartwatches online and pick your choice easily.


Tips That Will Help You

Select The Right Option For Web Designing

Some of the popular web development tools include Sublime Text, Chrome Developer Toos, jQuery, GitHib, Twitter Bootstrap and Angular.js. These tools are part of an age that is an improvement from when website designing was a complicated process that involved weeks of intense programming and coding. Back then, only a limited number of people could handle the task of designing, programming and managing websites. .However, with the help of some of the tools mentioned earlier, anybody with a bit of training can set up a fully functional website in little to no time. Web developers are in high demand right now and this is because many business owners believe that you can run a successful internet enterprise without much effort.

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Comprehensive overview of web development


Definity (Bootstrap)

Definity (Bootstrap)

Definity is a single and multi-page template that can be adapted for different purposes. It was developed by Ocarine Themes.
It operates on Bootstrap 3 and it is outfitted with features like hover effects, parallax scrolling and video backgrounds.
It also has a modular design that enables the developer to move sections of the page around to a preferred position or angle.
Its latest update can be purchased for $30 and it comes with five new layouts and three additional templates.

Enfold (Wordpress)

This program runs on WordPress and it was designed to be very user-friendly.
Enfold is well suited for designing business websites and online stores, although the latter will have to be done with the aid of WooCommerce.
It features a drag and drop template customizer that comes in handy when you want to custom-build your own layout.

You can purchase the full package $60 and it comes with a gift cad for future updates, and also six month’s support.

Porto (HTML 5)

The Porto program is equipped with a wide range of homepage styles. It also has a considerable number of header layouts and you can readily use it to customize your website on the go with a multi purpose style switcher.
It is a very flexible program and it has versions compatible with Drupal, Magento and WordPress.
There is also an Admin version that allows you to effectively manage your website with a wide range of widgets and charts. All these functions are coordinated by a swish dashboard.










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